Hey folks!

Today, my new trip adventure starts. I’ve just woken up in the middle of Denmark, inside our campervan. This time, we are traveling with our friends from Hamburg with both VW T5 and it feels exciting. 🙂

This afternoon, we will jump into a ferry that will take us, and our cars, straight to Iceland. I still can’t believe this is happening. It’s going to take up to 4 days to arrive and we won’t have any internet in the ship, but we booked a room and are stocked with movies, a kindle full of books and an insane amount of food.

My plan is to keep this site updated with our adventures. I’ll be there for a full month, hopefully bathing in hot springs, hiking through lava, exploring glaciers and seeing puffins. Expect also beautiful shibari pictures! I’ll be posting daily uncensored content in my new Fansly and I’ll shoot new Eroteric videos with Stella in the nature. 🙂

See you soon. xoxo