Today there’s no serious topic on here. I write this post maybe because I’m in a happiness rush but mainly the reason is that some of you really want to know more about my personal life. Today I am 24 years old and it’s amazing how crazy my life has changed in one year. And I am grateful for every moment shared, every smile given, every hug, tear, scratch, fluid, love this year has given to me. 🙂

Yesterday we prepared our beautiful campervan and drove it all the way to the dock after few months of not using it at all. Feels kind of magic being on the road again! Enjoying again that freedom of being able to sleep everywhere and to explore as much as you want. To be honest, we almost didn’t make it. Just when we started the car, the battery died and we had to fix it and run… But there we were, taking a five hours ferry to La Palma for a small birthday trip!

Zor booked an amazing apartment in a countryside area (as most of the island I guess?) and we are spending a very nice and sunny day in here. Taking care of each other, feeding ourselves with good healthy meals on the terrace, while watching the line that separates ocean and mountains.

Now we are getting ready for a fancy dinner in one of the best restaurants of the island. We might later plan a beautiful hike or some nice dives in natural pools.

I must say that feels good to be alive like this. I think I will celebrate tomorrow my 24,1 birthday!