Not you Instagram

Few days ago my Instagram account got deleted… Yes that 50k account that was one of my main tools to promote myself. I am so angry. I know I shouldn’t because it is just social media but nevertheless I put a lot of effort and time on it. And I had lots of memories stored in there. And not happy with that, just when I started to promote my backup account, it got removed as well… With just a single regular selfie posted. The reasons? No one knows.

How the hell is this happening?

Lately Instagram (and Facebook) policies got stronger and stronger. Even certain emojis are red flags now! It is very clear that they don’t want anyone slightly kinky or sex positive in there. Unless you are a super huge company like Playboy, then you can post naked people fucking as much as you want.

They keep censoring us, blocking us, reporting us, blaming us. Homo and transphobic practices are a routine, I lost the count on how many pictures kissing girls this app removed from my profile. Instagram is teaching people what is right and what is wrong, telling us that our bodies are something despicable that must remain hidden. Shadow ban is the new punishment, accounts deactivated just the ultimate way to purge us.

And what now? I liked your content!

Every day I have more clear that I must create content for my own platform only. Since now, this website will be more active and you can be sure that will never have a single bit of censorship. If you want to get noticed when I post, remember that I have a Telegram channel you can join:

I will also try to be a bit more active on my twitter account as long as it seems they still don’t hate sex workers so much. You are welcome to follow me there.

But then, you won’t go back to Instagram?

Yes, I have just opened a new one that you can follow called @thatmargoutishere. But I will post mainly naive pictures (including bondage) and I won’t be so active there as before. If you want to see more body positivity and sexy pictures I recommend you to move here. 🙂

(photography by Raul Bateman)