Welcome to my new website! This is the very first post, the beginning of something big and meaningful. This day has arrived. I now control my own content, my own body, my own data.

To be honest, I doubt a bit about starting this. But I realized that I wanted to disconnect myself from the mainstream social media and its constant blaming to sex workers and erotic artists. Most of my pictures and posts get constantly deleted, my accounts get temporary blocked or removed and I was changing a lot the way I do things in order to fit in social networks standards. I am tired of that bullshit. I am selling my authenticity for free to a bunch of people that decide what is “morally acceptable”.

I grew up being a strange kid. I always felt sexuality as something good you must embrace and explore as much as you can. My imagination just could not stop working, playing and giggling. And I was quite honest about it, I did not feel any guilt. I mean, I love having sex. Where’s the problem?

Sometimes I would like to show people sex the way I see it. As something that constantly expands, connects you with yourself and others and feels as normal as breathing. Desiring and enjoying being alive should be a victory not a punishment.

So I am happy that I did this step forward. I can’t believe I can finally say and post whatever I want without any censorship. Let’s try… FEMALE NIPPLES ARE COOL! EVERYTHING IS CHEMICAL! Wow no one removed this post, I feel so powerful! I am not hiding anymore behind a blur bar.

Here you will find all my porn, all my uncensored erotic bondage pictures and all my strange opinions and thoughts like this one. So all the things that I love to do and you can’t find anywhere else, all together. I am very excited about this new adventure, I am going to fill this site hole with lots of content! ?