Hey folks

We just released the new issue of the Kinbaku Society of Berlin in which I collaborated again. Here you can read an extract of Flowers in the Snow, a poetic prose I wrote for this Death themed edition of the magazine. It comes together with the Northern lights kinbaku picture I posted a week ago. 🙂

I counted to three before getting out of the car. Six demonic ropes were squeezing my chest, my arms and my will to live. And my last warm breath struggled desperately not to dissipate. Out there, only emptiness awaited me. A blank space. A suspended wilderness. My bare foot kissed the snow with the first step. And suddenly, something clicked in my gut. I was no longer me. My ego was nothing more than a snowflake on a frozen lake. A split second in history. The last battalion at war in a homelandless Universe.[…]

You can read the rest in the physical magazine together with poetry, articles, interviews, pictures and drawings about kinbaku by artists from all over the world. Order it here: info@kinbaku-society.org