About me

Who am I?

I’m Margout Darko: porn performer, fetish model, writer and kinbaku model. I am full of passion and adventure spirit. In my daily life I look like an introvert nerd girl who enjoys both cuddle times watching netflix and dirty sex in the forest.

What will you find here?

I’ve created this website because I want to share my personal thoughts and pictures in a place where I could express myself with no censorship. Also for selling my super hot videos. You can find all my clips here and order custom ones for yourself! 

You will also find kinbaku articles and pictures of myself. I’ve been rope modeling for about 5 years now and tying for a while. It is one of my biggest kinks. Shibari reveals a pervert and dark side of me that I can not show in social networks.

What do I like?

I’m a weirdo. My main interests are independent films, classic literature, science fiction, dystopias, contemporary art, Japanese manga, non-monogamy, bondage, politics, food, dark humor, campervan life, philology, cats, Soviet history, robot sex and punk culture.

My books.

I am an intense person too. This especially applies to my poetry. At the moment I’ve had published two poetry books and I have collaborated in several poetry anthologies. Writing is one of the things that make me feel more alive so I will often share some of my poems here. I hope you like them! ❤️

you can reach me at margout (at) eroteric (dot) com